About Our Deli

The delicatessen The Chef Patron and his wife are now in their ninth year and can proudly say that they have created a down to earth foodie heaven. The couple obviously enjoy a passion for good food. Bowls of freshly made salads and home-made quiches grace the chillers. He doesn't do pre-packed, preferring instead to prepare his own. Utilising the very best of fresh local produce from local suppliers thus ensuring the taste of the Yorkshire region shines through. Seasonal soups made daily, all from fresh ingredients, are a prominent feature in this winter's menu. Home-made cakes, muffins and biscuits tempt even the most serious weight-watcher. The jewel amongst all these goodies is the range of home-made meals to take home and re-heat, made in the deli from fine fresh ingredients and then frozen in the state-of-the-art blast chiller. The game casserole is a definite winter’s evening favourite, the chicken in tarragon is good to impress and the beef in ale a kitchen table winner. Bubble and Squeak's kitchen range is packed full of 'proper vegetables', saving busy customers valuable time whilst enjoying delicious, nutritious food. Deli-icious food!!
The delicatessen

Bubble and Squeak Deli
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